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Jody Edgar is the CEO and founder of Sunbowl Systems, a company that empowers Shopify merchants to reach their e-commerce goals. Building websites since the age of 15—and dreaming up businesses years before then—Jody has always been curiously exploring the internet’s potential, in particular how it might provide opportunities for people and new businesses.

Jody’s passion for turning ideas into intricate, successful systems only grew through time and, in 2010, he found his niche working with Shopify. Now, Jody’s vision and 23 years of experience are employed through Sunbowl’s commitment to constantly innovate the systems and processes by which it functions. Whether it’s their Bucky AI, or the one-on-one process that educates small business owners about their e-commerce stores while building them, Jody still feels that rush when the final piece of a system falls into place.

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What You Get

Trail Map

A clear road map of where you are and where you want to go.

Travel Companions

A list of helpful services provided by Sunbowl partnerships.


An estimated timeline to project completion.

First Aid Kit

A list of where you should go for support, in what situation.


Steps for you to get ready- photoshoots, product research, etc.

What's Next?

After you purchase your strategy call Jody will reach out to you to book a time that works for you.

For our existing clients, after 50 hours of bucket time is purchased, strategy calls can be redeemed using loyalty points.

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What Folks Are Saying

It's like I found the Shopify Messiah