Secret Shopper

What is your online experience like ?

Internally trying to duplicate the buying experience is a difficult thing to do. When we did it, we found ourselves saying. "Just skip that step" or "We're not a real customer, just leave it out". 

It was lacking that "je ne sais quoi". It felt like getting a participation ribbon in a running race, good exercise but didn't really mean anything because it wasn't a real test.

"A positive and frictionless buying experience is the number one reason for returning customers and referrals."  


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Our secret shopper program we will answer all your questions.

  • We will purchase a product from your store. **
  • Have it shipped to our office and unbox it.
  • Try the product, review your notifications, payments recipes and customer service.
  • Tell you exactly how it went and provide valuable feedback.
  • We might even perform a couple of secrets tests as well.


If you just started your online store, or you a veteran in the e-commerce sphere. Everyone should do fire drills.

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** We will purchase up to $100 usd. If your minimum product is more, please speak with us before purchasing.