As a developer for Sunbowl we are looking for self motivated persons to be added to our team. Here is what are looking for

We do everything by Screencast Video

All of your work assignments will be described by screencast video. This format allows us to provide High Fidelity work descriptions so you know exactly what you are building. When you are finished your job, you are expected to make a recording of the work you have just done while dictating why you made the decisions you did. Here is a sample of what a video should look like.

Smile Score rating system and courtesy payments.

After you have completed a cycle you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on how well the project manager setup up the job for you. As a developer you are rating them on the following conditions.

  • Comprehensive Video explaining the job to be done
  • Setting up the job so its easy for you to complete
  • Enough budget for you to get the job done in time.

Then they deserve an  rating. 

You are being rated as well. After you have submitted your job report the project manager who assigned your the project as well as the client will be asked to review your work. You will receive a 2, 1, or 0. This rating will be project specific and will determine what your courtesy payment amount is when the client renews their bucket. Your rating is directly related to your payment. 1.89 rating = 1.89% courtesy payment. So if the client purchases a $2000 bucket, your payment would be $37.80. Thats for every project and every bucket purchased.

To Ensure you always get a maximum rating on your project