Understanding Recommendations

At Sunbowl we want to make sure that you purchase the bucket that best meets your needs and fits within your budget. There are two different scenarios when it comes to buying a bucket:

First Time Client

You’ve got a brilliant idea and are ready to make things happen. Once you’ve spoken with our sales agents we will define the key objectives and targets to realize your vision. To get some basic context and provide you with an accurate time estimation, we will run your project through our AI database and compare it to similar projects. However, your project is unique and we want to make sure you are on the right track. This is why each estimation is then reviewed by our experienced staff pier to make sure that there are no surprises.

Returning Client

You’ve built some momentum and its time to refill your bucket. But, how do you know how to get the best value within your budget? Simply ask Bucky! Based on your activity throughout the last six months, Bucky calculates and recommends the most suitable bucket. Based on this prediction, we can discuss the steps needed to complete your project so that you can make the final decision.