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Here's how you can test them out!

We’re preparing to launch three new theme features:

  1. Variant Images: Previously, this feature existed as a Shopify App, but it’s now baked right into Shopify’s core product.
  2. Responsive Checkout: Checkout is being replaced with a fully responsive, mobile-first design.
  3. Theme Internationalization: Now you can easily create themes for any storefront language.

We’re giving our partners access to the beta versions of each feature, as well as early documentation.

Read on to find out how you can get started!

Variant Images


Variant images make it easy to display different images for products with multiple colors, patterns, or materials. This feature allows you to link directly to variants, rather than just products. When a customer visits a variant link, the website will automatically select the correct variant, displaying its image and price.

You can use our Variant Images theme updating guide to get a head start before this feature launches later this month.

Brand New Responsive Checkout


Responsive checkout is a single page, mobile-first design that makes checkout simple and intuitive on any browser and form factor. Customizing checkout to match your theme now uses SASS (scss).

Here is advanced access to our Checkout Customization Guide.

Theme Internationalization


Design and develop themes for any storefront language using our new theme translation engine. Internationalized themes make it easy to change your active storefront language at the click of a button.

Here is advanced access to our Theme Internationalization Documentation.


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