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When a new client comes on board, we do everything we can to make sure they understand how we work. Below is the examples of what we ask they do when they send us content. Keeping in mind that less than 10% do it, but its a good idea for us all to follow the examples to be on the same page.

*I have omitted the portions that aren't relevant.


We use dropbox to transmit any files that we need to get from you. Not to worry, we will be sending you an invite to a shared folder. If you have never used dropbox or you don't have an account here is a video on how it works.


How we use dropbox

Everything should go in 1 folder. If you label everything correctly you don't even need to use sub folders.

Please save all your page content in word documents as pagename.doc.

Images should be named

product-title_1.jpg, product-title_2.jpg, Slide_01.jpg etc.

This is the name of your product. IE: black-shoe-01.jpg

This makes it much easier for us to find. Please don't over organize. Traversing folders is time consuming and makes it hard to find files.

After you have updated files in the dropbox it is essential that you notify us by email or we won't know that its been done.


Watch video on how to organize your files


Homework & Submitting Changes


Now its your turn, we need you to get ready for the upcoming production call. You need to put together your examples, logos, content, ideas and photos so we can go over them when we speak. Please place everything in the dropbox.


Watch this video on how to compose your emails.


Production call

The next step is a production call to discuss everything you want to do, so make sure your homework is done. Go to sunbowl.ca/production

Time to Go !

That's it, its time to get going. Again we look forward to working on your site, but please keep in mind that your bucket isn't a fixed quote. The better organized you are, the more we can get out of it.

The final thing to remember is from here on out, all of your requests need to go to changeisgood@howtoshopify.com so nothing gets missed.

That's it, Lets Rock Your Website !


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